What Acrobat Does

Many people are familiar with Adobe Reader to view and print PDF files. Adobe Reader also allows adding comments, digitally signing and filling in forms in PDF documents.

If you need to create a PDF, there are a number of programs and utilities that create PDFs and even Microsoft Office (2007 and later) can save as PDF. 

Adobe Acrobat is a comprehensive set of tools for working with PDF documents. Some of the key features of Acrobat are… 

Creating PDFs 

With the Acrobat tab in Office, there are more options for size, quality and features (Word can automatically create Bookmarks from the Headings). Also, the Combine option allows for selecting and organizing multiple files (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) and can automatically combine to one PDF or create a PDF portfolio. 

Editing PDFs 

Word 2013 can convert a PDF to a Word document but, depending on the complexity of the layout, the results are variable. Acrobat allows direct editing of the PDF while maintaining the layout. Acrobat can also add, remove and rearrange pages, add watermarks and headers/footers within a PDF. 

Securing and Signing PDFs 

Since people can easily open and edit a PDF, you can either protect with a password to open or a password to edit (or both). This way you can limit who can open it and what changes they can make. Content can be redacted (permanently removed) for privacy and PDFs can be signed digitally and signatures can be verified. 

Creating Forms and Managing Form Data 

Acrobat has a simple set of tools to automatically create form fields from an existing form (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) and to create your own fields including dropdowns and radio buttons. Acrobat also has a set of tools to help distribute, track and collect the data (and send to Excel if required). 

Commenting and Reviewing 

Like Reader, Acrobat can also add reviewing comments and markup to PDFs. Acrobat also has tools for helping distribute, track, manage and summarize commenting from multiple users.  

And more… 

For more advanced users there is an Accessibility Checker that finds and suggests corrections to make PDFs comply with standards and make them more usable for those with accessibility needs. There is a Catalog utility to pre-index multiple PDF documents to make for quicker searching. There is even a Print Production toolset for checking and fixing files for commercial printing.  

So, lots more than just creating PDFs. 

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