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How do leaders use their communication skills to inspire, influence and create trust?

It’s not easy.

What did they do to get better?

You can listen or watch to find out how you can improve your communication skills and take the steps to being a great leader in business.

I’m your host

Joel Silverstone

When not hosting, I’m the Sr. Professional Skills Facilitator and Coach at The Great Canadian Training Company.

I’m fascinated by communication skills and the effect they have on turning points in interactions. I have seen great leaders struggle with their ability to communicate and others who just made it look so darn easy! Join me as we uncover their successes and failures.


Podcast Episodes

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#3 Make Others Feel Valued
Alexa Nick

Episode #3 is MOTIVATING! We all want to feel appreciated and respected. As a leader, how do you communicate and model that to your teams and clients? In this episode, Alexa Nick guides us on the foundations to create trust, the effect listening intently has on others and why balancing logic with storytelling matters....

Alexa Nick began her career as a management consultant. She then pursued her goals of entrepreneurship by founding and launching myPractice, a virtual learning platform supporting global organizations. Alexa is now a Consulting Partner at Deloitte and is the Strategy & Transformation Lead in the Toronto office.

Alexa is involved with the Morrisette Institute for Entrepreneurship, which enables entrepreneurship as the future growth engine of Canada. She also supports the efforts of the Ivey Alumni Association, Ivey’s Women in Leadership, and the LEADER Project.

This is an insightful episode on empathy, authenticity and the communication skills needed to build trust.

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#2 Everyone Has a Story
Hannah Tough

Episode #2 is INSPIRING. What holds you back from writing, from communicating your ideas? Is it fear of judgement? For most of us, that’s a definite yes! In this episode, our guest Hannah Tough guides us on how to communicate more effectively (hint: drop your ego) and how to listen to the stories that want to be heard....

Hannah Tough is the Internal Marketing and Communication Lead at Havas Canada, a contributor to online publication Thrive Global, and founded the non-profit organization Activate T.O. Hannah has always been a passionate writer. She knew she wanted to work with words ever since she was able to read Robert Munsch books. For more on Hannah, visit

This is an insightful episode on our vulnerabilities, human connection, and the importance of curiosity.

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this episode here

#1 Robots/AI in the workplace
- How will we be interacting with them?

Dr. Robin Yap

“The robots are coming... No wait, the robots are here!”

Episode #1 is FASCINATING - Robots and AI in the workplace and how we interact with them.
We discuss the different communication styles and if the robots are being programmed to bring out the best in our humanity. We all, especially leaders, need to re-program our communication and
collaboration abilities....

Dr. Robin Yap brings his studies, energy, insights, and some of his robot friends to the podcast. Dr. Yap has deep expertise in performance and talent management, social data analytics, AI robot ethics
and the convergences of technology like AI enabled robots. For more on Dr. Yap
The future is now. This is an absorbing episode on our behaviours, human connection, and the novelty effect.

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