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Transform your ideas into a reality

Do you have a project that feels stuck? If your team lacks the time or expertise to make your visions a reality, add our software consultants to your project. Generally speaking, we offer consulting services for any of the programs that we provide training on.

Why Software Consulting?

You may be trying to complete your project in-house, but we find that retaining a consultant saves you time, money and headaches.

Consider the benefits of a software consultant:

Instead of…

Trying to squeeze in this project in between your other day-to-day tasks.

Relying on off-the-shelf solutions that aren’t designed for your business.

Hire a new employee, or spend time and money to train an existing employee for a one-time project.

A consultant can…

Focus on your project, getting more done in less time!

Truly understand your business and recommend a solution tailor-made for you!

Use their existing skills and complete your project!

How Do We Work?


Making Business Intelligence Simple with Power BI

You may have data in Excel but are you using it to the full? This webinar will demonstrate how to create data models in Excel and then create data visualizations in PowerBI.

Turning Data to Decisions with Excel Dashboards

Excel dashboards turn data into decisions by organizing that data into manageable pieces of information. Find out more in this free webinar, presented by our own Christine Irons.

Our Projects

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Web Order Management and Quoting System

The Challenge: A need to integrate a centralized work order management Access database with a quoting system developed in Excel.
Key Metric: Tracking of several thousand client requests per year for quotes (RFQ) developed within Excel by sales personnel to be uploaded to a centralized database for work order management and statistics measurements.
Key Innovation: Two-way integration between Access and Excel. Sales personnel are able to create a quote workbook within Access, develop a formalized quote for the client, followed by an automated upload of the quote details to Access.
Benefits to Organization: All work orders are tracked centrally, allowing for statistical analysis (sales per period, sales by sales rep, etc.). Quote files are pre-populated with client information. The Excel quote files are completed with the client (detached from the central database), and the final details are returned to the database at the push of a button.

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Centralized City Details Database with Excel Import and Export

The Challenge: To develop a centralized archive of data to be imported from Excel. The data import must identify possible missing or incorrect data. An export capability to produce standardized Excel files containing user-specified ranges of data (all records for a given region, all metrics for specific years, etc.). The database must also allow for customization for future data elements (new cities, countries, metrics, etc.)
Key Metric: Several hundred cities are assessed annually based on certain measurable criteria. A centralized database was required to maintain the data for reporting and analysis covering several years of data.
Key Innovation: Two-way integration between Access and Excel. Staff are able to collect and refine city metrics information within Excel. The administrator is able to easily import Excel files into the database, preceded by data error checking. The administrator subsequently can choose a set of criteria to export data back to Excel. The administrator is also able to develop a library of queries to display and export adhoc inquiries.
Benefits to Organization: Multiple years of data are immediately accessible for analysis. Both the import and export Excel file formats are standardized, facilitating both the data collection and additional reporting. New measurements can be added to the database as required.

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Action Plan Tracking and Reporting

The Challenge: A government department used a Word-based process to track various plans, acquire status updates from various branches, compile statistics, and provide bi-annual updates to committee members. All statistics were painstakingly manually calculated from this Word document.
How We Helped: We created an Access database that allowed the multi-layered data to be properly interconnected. The Results: The required reports could be generated with a simple press of a button! The team saved an immense amount of time and since the reports were compiled using the source data, the data is more accurate.

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