It Has Never Been Easier to Book Online Training!

Ta-da! We have big news to share. We’re thrilled to announce that there are some major updates to save you time and energy when you upgrade your skills with JN Software.  We have updated our website and the registering process for online public classes to simplify the selection and ordering process for you.

What can you expect?

  • You can now register for all our public courses online with a live instructor! You can see all the online public classes right now on all our course pages.

Our course pages now have a list of upcoming classes that are available. If you are browsing a course and are searching for a course, you can see at-a-glance what is coming soon. You will absolutely love this new feature!

  • Our JN Software website now has a redesigned Course Catalog. It’s a beautiful and straightforward menu-style layout that lists course categories at the top, and below each category, you have a simple list of course titles. Expand any course title and you’ll then see a list of upcoming class dates for each available level. It’s a pure and simple pleasure to use.

Our sister training company in Ottawa and Quebec

Our CompuEase site layout has always been designed to save you clicks. The course overview landing page is combined with the course pages into one easy-to-read page, so you can see everything you need in one place.

CompuEase makes your training simple to book.  Each Software or Professional Skills category has its own page with category details, a full list of all the courses in that category, and associated prices and dates, so you can see everything you need in one place and start the registration process with the click of a button.

You can register one or more students for one or more classes all at the same time and checkout together.  Pay online with a credit card or select offline payment to receive an invoice for payment processing.

Find out how we have adjusted our training to help you successfully learn online, and how you can get your career development and personal improvement goals on track right now.

  • The check-out process for both companies is simple. You can pay online or offline when you register for your course or courses, for one student or multiple students!

  • Depending on your course you can also choose add-ons to customize your session.

Online classes, but still with a live instructor

COVID-19 has certainly changed the playing field for all of us, and we are happy to reassure you that we have adapted to completely meet your needs.

All our classes are now available to you online with a live instructor. You do not need to worry about setting up special classrooms or labs and sanitization processes for your training needs. It can all be done in a perfectly safe online classroom with a facilitator in class with the students to provide that all-important personal instruction and assistance.

This brings the in-classroom experience to you without having to travel or deal with any current or future potential drawbacks of managing social-distancing and hygiene restrictions.  You can go online and have the same high-quality training that you have come to expect from JN Software and CompuEase.  Additionally, you can plan your training well in advance, knowing that this environment will not be affected by the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19.

It is the perfect solution to software training in the current social environment, and beyond.

And, never fear. Online training can be just as successful as in-class training if you know how to do it right. And since we have been providing online training for years, we know how to do it right!

Learn more about our online training with a Live Instructor.

This short article outlines the steps you can take before, during, and after class to guarantee it is a complete success.

It’s time to move ahead

Are you tired of everything being on hold these days? Stuck in a rut and just waiting for things to get back to normal? We are absolutely delighted to have made these terrific, forward-thinking updates, and we are very excited to let you know about them. You can book your online training classes and get your career development and personal improvement goals back on track right now.

At JN Software and CompuEase, we always aim to provide top-notch training that is also simple to organize and enjoyable to take. These new steps are yet more evidence that we are thinking of your needs and adapting to them.

What more could we possibly do? Well, keep it on the down-low, and we’ll just whisper this bit for now… but keep your eyes open for even more exciting brand-new developments in the near future…

JN Software and CompuEase have been successfully offering in-class and online training for many years now. We’d be happy to help you organize your training with us and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Book a no-obligation demonstration to learn what you can expect from our online learning platform and what you can expect from any of our classes. Contact us today..
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