Great Canadian Advantage  

Personalized service

One of our personal pet peeves is when companies hide behind their technology and settle for a poor customer experience in order to save money on operations, losing that personal touch. That’s why at Great Canadian it all starts with the belief that every client should receive personalized service. We have worked hard to build an organization that is just the right size, allowing us to remain flexible and not become a faceless company that you can never get a hold of, while also being large enough to provide you with the full range of services you need.

Many of our clients choose to work with us via email, but we are always available by phone and live chat if you need help figuring out what solutions are best or creating a custom solution that’s just right for you. Our clients like that they know our staff by name, and we like it that way too.

Solving problems is what we do best. We like to be the bridge between your people and your technology. We offer a wide range of training and consulting services that can all be fully customized to the needs of your company and staff.

Great Canadian Advantage For:


  • One-on-one training for you or group training with your colleagues on Microsoft, Adobe and other programs you use
  • Training tailored to the topics you need to learn
  • Learn using your own files and apply what you’re learning to your job
  • Support you in building or modifying your Access databases
  • Consult with you on your Word, Excel or other Microsoft and Adobe projects

Managers and HR Professionals

  • Help you in planning and organizing your software training
    • Help you determine your training needs
    • Build a custom training plan
    • Help you choose the right mix of group or one-on-one training and training options (training materials, after-training support, etc.)
    • Help organize staff into the training sessions
    • Evaluation to ensure effectiveness
    • Annual Training Contracts to reduce costs
    • Customize everything around what is most effective and helpful to you
  • Build database solutions that help your staff work faster, collaborate better and advance your business


IT Professionals

  • Get your company the software training it needs with the ROI you want
    • Book the right training for your company either online or over the phone with one of our training managers
    • Select the most cost-effective training type for each of your needs
    • Let us work with your department in organizing and managing your software training


Small Business Owners

  • Provide tailored software training to any administrative staff you may have
  • Automate processes, track information and manage your business from anywhere with a customized web database
  • Empower your business with extra skills by outsourcing complex tasks to our expert consultants through our software consulting services


Customizable Solutions


Public Training

Onsite or online private training

  • Mix and match your objectives
  • Flexible training times
  • Include your own work files
  • Custom made courses based on your company’s needs

Additional Advantages

  • Receive help figuring out what you need to learn and how to learn or organize it
  • Public Training is guaranteed to run
  • 24/7 After Training Support
  • Our training services complement our database and consulting services

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Database Development


A custom solution designed around how you do business that makes your database work for you.


Built on platforms that make it easy to rapidly enhance, adjust and expand your database as your organization and needs evolve.


Get it done faster at a fraction of the cost of modifying inflexible systems from big enterprise software companies.

Additional Advantages

Industry Edge - Solutions based around how your business and industry operate
Time - Save time with automation

Software Consulting

Fill the gaps in your workflow with skilled consultants


The skill and experience of our consultants means your project gets completed quickly. From planning and design to development and deployment we’ll guide you smoothly through the process.


Pay just for what you need done. No need to pay another full-time salary for a temporary project.


Our consultants do work like this for a living. The time they’ve invested into their skills means you get a professional result.