Time Saving Tools for Excel Formulas

If you work in the type of office where you can’t install your own favourite productivity software due to strict IT policies, then it’s likely that Microsoft Office is already installed on your system. Microsoft Office is packed with features that can help you stay on top of things and get the job done.

Here is a useful tip:

Start typing your formula as usual with an equal sign and then the name of the function you intend to use.

As you start typing the function’s name notice that a dynamically filtered list of the possible functions appears below your cursor. The top item in that list will be shaded blue or some other colour. If the function you want is currently shaded and at the top of that list then all you have to do is press the TAB key on the keyboard to insert it.



If the function you want is somewhere else in the list and not at the top then you can use the UP and DOWN arrows to navigate that list and then press the TAB key when you’ve reached the desired function. Alternatively, you could also use the mouse and double-click any item in that list.

This tip can sometimes be particularly useful if you use VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP a lot.

Since their names are so unique in Excel they appear as the only item after typing just the first two letters. Therefore, a handy shorter way to enter VLOOKUP is to simply type VL and press the TAB key.



Another advantage of using this method is that when the function gets inserted it also includes the opening parenthesis for you!

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