Editing and Selecting Text in Word

Three ways of editing & selecting your text in Word:

1. Editing & Selecting text with your mouse:

There are various keyboard shortcuts to select and edit text with your mouse and keyboard:

To select a word: double-click the work.
To select non-contiguous text: hold the CTRL key and select text.
To select a sentence: hold the CTRL key and click within the sentence.
To select a paragraph: triple-click within the paragraph.
To select the document: use CTRL+A or triple-click in the left margin.

2. UPPER, Lower? What to choose?

You can change text to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, or Capitalize Each Word by using the button Change Case. 

Edit Change case

Another alternative is the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + F3

3. I want Arial all the time!

To switch the font face and font size default for all new blank documents.

Edit Default Font


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