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No one does it like you, so do it like no one else! We develop customized line-of-business web applications designed with your unique business in mind.

Your business needs the right tools to succeed. That’s where we come in. We optimize your business processes with customized and responsive web applications. Guiding you from concept to implementation, our experienced team will build a tool that meets your unique business needs and gives you a leg up on your competition.

The Great Canadian


Don’t just rely on “off the shelf” solutions. Create custom web applications designed around how you do business.

We build on platforms that make it easy to rapidly enhance, adjust and expand as your needs evolve.


We are not just amazing at developing tools (although we are!)

Consider us a true partner: we get to know your business inside and out. Using our decades of operational expertise, we guide and inform the development process.


Get it done faster at a fraction of the cost of modifying inflexible systems from big enterprise software companies.

As well, a personalized tool will scale as your business grows, making your investment one that lasts.

Of course, all of this is built upon the values that make us GREAT – our focus on your business and our commitment to excellence every step along the way.

Our Process


How Consulting Supercharges Your Business

Are you wondering what consulting can do for your business? Hear from our co-founders themselves, Jon & Joy Neuhold, in this free webinar about when you should engage a consultant and how to be sure you're getting the right one for your project.

What's the Deal with Databases?

This free webinar will explore your database options and explain when to use each platform. We will look at how databases can be used and cover features such as adding relationships and using queries. Finally, we will show you the potential in a properly created database.

Benefits of Creating
a Web App

Why upgrade from standard software and build a web application? Here’s what our clients find when they make the move:


Be able to access your solution on any platform - perfect for today’s remote and hybrid workplace!

Web-Scraping and APIs

Instead of scouring the internet for hours at a time, automate your processes and have information from across the web at your fingertips.


Have your clients and suppliers be able to enter information in real-time! Take your tools with you whether you’re at your desk or on your phone.

Our Projects

Web Order Management

The Challenge: This organization was turning away work because they exceeded their capacity to manage their shipments manually.
Key Metric: Tracking thousands of web orders for delivery to clients.
Key Innovation: Customization built-in to work with how the user inputs and manages all the exceptions to the rules.
Benefits to Organization: Their web database has allowed them to expand and grow. No more turning away clients!

HR Web Database

The Challenge: Information was spread out on multiple confusing spreadsheets. Their access to information was available to only a few key members via VPN.
Key Metric: Tracking HR information for five companies, at over 10 sites, for more than 70 employees and 125 contractors.
Key Innovation: Custom reminders ensure work gets done while history of all document uploads maintains compliance.
Benefits to Organization: Now, information is streamlined and available to all necessary users in one easy-to-use web database.

Logistics Web Application

The Challenge: Their current system lacked the flexibility to provide order status information in various formats and to provide accurate real-time information.
Key Metric: Automatically process thousands of API calls daily.
Key Innovation: Custom system that tracks status changes and passed along up-to-date information to clients and other stakeholders.
Benefits to Organization: Customers receive automated emails while clients receive updates to input into their systems. The client can expand its business to other regions because of the flexibility and quality of the solution.

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