Write Reports and Proposals That Will Win Your Audience Over

Writing concise, effective reports and persuasive proposals are essential skills for business people at every level. Poorly crafted reports often miss important details and don’t clearly describe the issue to be resolved or the suggested solutions. This can leave readers confused and misinformed, causing unnecessary and sometimes damaging delays in getting the focus of the report sorted out.

Ineffective proposals can be equally problematic. A proposal that isn’t persuasive or one that does a poor job of communicating the issues in question is much less likely to motivate desired actions in the reader. Proposal writers usually stand to gain something desirable by convincing readers of the importance of the situation, and substandard proposals work against that end.

Your efforts no longer need to suffer. You can dramatically improve these skills right now by taking “Writing Reports and Proposals”, a class from CompuEase and JN Software. Completing this potent, affordable course will expand your understanding of what goes into effective reports and proposals and will give you the knowledge and experience you need to communicate clearly and persuasively. Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

What You’ll Learn

To begin, you’ll gain an understanding of what differentiates a report from a proposal, and when it’s appropriate to use each. You will learn the goals for each format as well as the critical skills you need to effectively communicate. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn.

Writing Effective Reports

Discover the proper process to follow when writing a report, as well as the ideal voice to use. Learn the importance of brevity and clarity and pick up a number of tips and tricks that will improve your communication and writing skills.

Explore how best to research and organize your data, how to choose the right format for your report, and the items to keep in mind when revising your drafts in order to effectively focus the reader’s attention and clearly communicate your main points.

Crafting Persuasive Proposals

Proposal writing requires a different approach than that used in report writing. Discover the importance of writing persuasively when crafting a proposal and the reasons why building an effective argument in support of your case is so critical.

Having a deep understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish with your proposal helps guide the rest of the process, so we will teach you how to identify your audience and what arguments they are likely to respond to. We will also share information on how to translate your thoughts into effective prose, how to structure these initial thoughts on paper, and how to build a convincing narrative that holds your reader’s attention.

Gain insight into what makes writing persuasive given the sort of audience you’re writing for, whether your readers are sympathetic to your position or not. Learn how to elevate your message and build a proposal that answers your reader’s questions before they can ask them.

Who Will Benefit from This Course?

Anyone that needs to communicate effectively with key authority figures and critical decision-makers, both in the public and private sector, will find this course immensely helpful. Writing concisely and persuasively will make your job easier and help you get important things accomplished. If you feel your report and proposal writing skills need some polishing, this course is for you.

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