Which Version of Office Should I Learn?

There are so many versions of Microsoft Office now, with another on the way. Which version’s training do you need?

We sometimes get asked whether somebody needs to take Office 2010 training before they can take 2013 or 2016 training. The simple answer is no.

If you wish to take an Office 2016 training course, there’s absolutely no need for you to take any 2010 or 2013 training first. Similarly, if you wish to learn how to use Office 2013 then you have no need to also learn Office 2010 or 2007. Each version of Office has its own features, and you’ll learn those features in our relevant classes.

For training purposes, your biggest decision involves the level, NOT the version.

Do you want to gain confidence navigating the interface, using functions and formulas to calculate data, formatting your data correctly, or building great-looking documents? Then you might consider taking a Level 1 course with us, whether that’s in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any of the other courses we offer.

Are you already familiar with the basics of an Office application and now wish to learn additional functions and tools to more fully organize and analyze your data or enhance the appearance and functionality of your documents? Then our Level 2 courses may be just perfect for you.

If instead you want to expand your knowledge and use of advanced tools, collaboration techniques and time-saving features even further, then you would benefit from our Level 3 courses.

You can take our Office training courses in whichever version of Office you use, without worrying about learning other versions first. But how do you find out which version of Office you’re currently using?

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