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Great Canadian Training
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Our goal is to provide not just a training session but a training experience. You and your staff get to experience your training the way you want it, focused on the skills you need for the work you do. We don’t just leave it there. We help individuals, managers, training organizers, HR and IT departments organize your training.

How we can help you organize and customize your session
  • Help you divide participants up into the right courses for their needs
  • Help you pick the objectives your team needs to learn
  • Include files or real world situations that your team faces as part of their training exercises
  • Help you accomodate unique situations like
    • Limited team availability
    • Remote employee training
    • Varying software versions

Software Training

At The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company we offer Onsite, Offsite and Online private Software Training for groups and individuals on all the popular programs from Microsoft, Adobe and more.

We can help you identify the skills your team needs, customize your training objectives, and include you organizations files in the training session. This approach helps participants apply what they learn directly to their job, which is assisted by the 30 days of after training support each trainee receives when their training session is completed.

Professional Skills Training

Professional Skills are the interpersonal skills your team needs to succeed in their roles; whether it’s as an employee, team leader, project manager or executive. These skills help people
  • Communicate effectively as teams and with clients
  • Deal with stressful situations
  • Grow into successful managers and leaders
  • Develop the business side of a company with skills such as marketing and writing
  • Manage time and projects efficiently
Professional Skills training sessions are a mixture of written, oral, individual and group activities that help participants apply what they are learning to real life situations. Our trainers explain the objectives in a variety of ways including using interesting business appropriate examples to clarify what the objective is and how to make use of it in their lives. Participants are encouraged to ask questions on how to apply the objective to their situation and share examples of issues or situations they face.

With Great Canadian Training Company your Professional Skills students will...

Learn with a Live Instructor in the Room

Focus on the topics you choose

Learn at the right pace for them

How You’ll Learn

Our trainer's role is to teach, guide and support. They will:
  • Teach you the background knowledge, the techniques and the principles of the topic
  • Guide you through exercises and to answers that work for you
  • Support your efforts to improve yourself
In our classes you will:
  • Learn through expression - writing down or discussing your thoughts, challenges and how you will achieve your objectives
  • Participate in group exercises - benefit from other viewpoints and put what you are learning into practice
  • Understand the principles - when it comes to the skills that make you a more effective professional there are very few hard and fast rules, rather you'll learn the principles behind what you're being taught so you can apply them to your unique circumstances
  • Develop effective processes - get help to learn and build processes that let you handle tasks and situations in an effective manner

Tailor or Customize Your Course

  • Share details about your challenges and needs so we can tailor your class
  • Discuss your needs with one of our training coordinators
  • Select the objectives you would like to focus on or
  • Select objectives from any of our courses to create a custom outline

Get Matched With the Best Trainer

We work with trainers who, like you, have real world experience doing jobs just like yours. They are consultants, business people and office workers who share their experience and expertise with you in a kind and effective manner. When you book a class we select from our pool of expert trainers and send the one we feel is just right for you. After each session we review their performance to ensure we are always providing the best training experience possible.

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