Get Help After your Training Session

After-Training Support for Computer Training

JN Software Consulting provides a high level of support before, during and even after training.

Once your training course has finished and you are back at your regular work, it can still sometimes be a struggle to remember the intricacies of the training you received.

At JN Software, we offer after-training support by live chat for a period of 30 days! It is unlimited and available 24/7.


We understand the importance of additional help and are happy to provide all the support you need to implement the techniques and tools you learned from us in class.

Your 30 days of after-training support can begin on the same day your training concludes or can begin when you need it. When you activate the voucher provided, your additional support will continue throughout the 30 days following.

Your support voucher and instructions will be conveniently emailed to you after your training with your Certificate of Completion.

JN Software makes it easy to register and activate your voucher and then to return and get support for your 30 days.

At JN Software … we want to help!!


To learn more about the ways we support our clients' training needs, please visit JN Software Consulting.

Contact JN Software at (416) 264-6247 or for more information on how to get the most out of your training session with us.

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