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When not hosting, I’m the Sr. Professional Skills Facilitator and Coach at The Great Canadian Training Company.

I’m fascinated by communication skills and the effect they have on turning points in interactions. I have seen great leaders struggle with their ability to communicate and others who just made it look so darn easy! Join me as we uncover their successes and failures.


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#25 How Do You Inspire A Shared Vision?
Arminda Gonzalez Dumpierrez
Inspiring others sounds great - so how does one do that? And how do you share your vision? This is the challenge. When you hear the words ‘inspire’ and ‘vision’, it’s hard to grasp, it feels abstract.
In this episode, our guest Arminda Gonzalez Dumpierrez is here to deconstruct the abstract, to make it real and tangible. She clearly shows us the ways you can inspire and share your vision, and how important this is as the next step in leadership and communication.
Arminda Gonzalez Dumpierrez has been guiding business leaders for over 20 years. She is currently the head of talent transformation for one of the largest employers in Canada, Walmart Canada. Her international business education spans 3 continents, including teaching global business courses at the post-graduate level.
Over the span of her career, Arminda has had the opportunity to run her own start up as well as manage the strategy operations of a multinational corporation. She combines the visionary and practical in moving people and teams toward success
There are many advantages, from a business perspective, of the ROI of being able to communicate clearly, ask good questions, and speaking a common language, that make people feel involved and motivated towards a common goal (or what’s in it for them).


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#24 Selling Isn’t What You Think It Is
Kira Callahan
If you have to sell an idea or a product, do you immediately think, “I don’t want to be pushy!”? For most of us that’s a firm YES!
Fair enough, we’ve all had salespeople and leaders overwhelm us with facts and features, yet not even take a breath, let alone ask us a question. If you are a leader or anyone trying sell a new behaviour, idea or product, finding the best way to connect and influence can feel daunting. In this episode, our guest is Kira Callahan, an expert in sales conversations, who will guide you with different perspectives, confidence and skills to be more authentic and connect with your customer or whoever your audience happens to be.
Kira Callahan is the founder of Conversation Gym. She has had the pleasure of coaching more than 6,000 financial professionals to master their sales conversations and build a thriving practice they love. Kira is an expert in coaching high achieving executives, managers and salespeople to connect with and persuade their audiences. In the past seventeen years, Kira has facilitated workshops and personally coached professionals from front-line to VP and was a regular business blogger for the Huffington Post.
For more on Kira and Conversation Gym
We discuss:
- How to focus on your intention vs your objective (MUST SELL!)
- How to be persuasive by earning the trust and connecting
- How to sell your value first, not the product or idea.
And the importance of preparation and safety in your interactions.
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#23 Can Giving Feedback Be Fun?
Joel Silverstone
Are you ready to confidently deliver thoughtful & actionable feedback? Um, not quite? This episode will make it easier for you.
“When giving feedback, it’s not what you say; people get defensive because of why they think you’re saying it”.
We share the strategies you need to deliver feedback that is motivational, not confrontational! And isn’t it more fun when giving feedback that is helpful, focused on recognition and growth of the other person?

As always, we have our 3 stars at the end AND we’re also sharing:

  • TOP 6 reasons why feedback is not fun
  • TOP 6 ways to make your feedback effective

Listen in as our host Joel Silverstone shares some simple techniques you can use immediately to give feedback like a leader, not a critic.
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#22 Presentation Secrets from a Sports Broadcaster
John Horn
Presentation jitters? How can you feel more comfortable and confident when presenting?
This episode can help with some tips and techniques to communicate your thoughts in front of an audience from 1 to millions. Our guest is John Horn, who shares 20+ years of sports broadcasting experience on what it takes to be prepared, ask the right questions and share your story in a way that engages an audience.John Horn is a veteran in the sports broadcasting and sports production industries working in Canada, the United States and around the world. You may have seen or heard John on ESPN, CBC, TSN, WTA, FIBA, MLB Network, Global TV, DAZN, GBE, Tennis Channel and others. John has interviewed athletes and celebrities throughout North America, including LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Larry King, Dan Marino, Wayne Gretzky, Pete Rose and Michael J. Fox.
We discuss:
-How does John interview athletes that are guarded and scripted?
-How can you balance your audience’s needs when some are very knowledgeable, and others are new to the ‘game’?
-How to own your content and why it matters?
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#21 Time Management in Ten Minutes
Joel Silverstone
“I have no time!” Sound familiar? Is this you?
This episode can help with tips and strategies to manage your time and the stress that comes with it.
When you fail to manage your time, there is a feeling of loss of control which causes stress. If you want to break this cycle, the answer lies in great time management skills and the behaviours to get there. Because being busy is not the same as being effective.
Take a few minutes to listen in as our host Joel Silverstone shares some simple techniques you can use immediately.
Are these time management challenges the same ones you were struggling with last year? Last month? Last week?

Let’s break that cycle!
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