Accessibility Checker for Word

Before using the checker, you need to save your document from within Word 2010 in .docx format When you save your document, the option to “Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word” may be shown. If shown, make sure that it remains unchecked. If you do not follow the steps above, the following error will […]

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Editing and Selecting Text in Word

Three ways of editing & selecting your text in Word: 1. Editing & Selecting text with your mouse: There are various keyboard shortcuts to select and edit text with your mouse and keyboard: To select a word: double-click the work. To select non-contiguous text: hold the CTRL key and select text. To select a sentence: hold […]

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Make Full Use of the Format Painter

If you work in the type of office where you can’t install your own favourite productivity software due to strict IT policies, then it’s likely that Microsoft Office is already installed on your system. Microsoft Office is packed with features that can help you stay on top of things and get the job done. Here […]

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Tips on Working with Microsoft’s Ribbon

Below are three ways to use Microsoft’s Ribbon: 1. Ribbons keyboard shortcut To navigate the ribbon with the keyboard (instead of the mouse), press the ALT key on the keyboard.  Numbers and/or letters will appear next to the ribbon tabs allowing you to navigate the ribbon. 2. Let’s hide my ribbon To collapse or minimize the […]

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