What Type of SharePoint User Are You?

What type of SharePoint user do you want to become?

Many people have heard of SharePoint – Microsoft’s flagship document management software – but wonder about what it really is and what it does. Perhaps you’ve asked this question yourself: When or why should I use SharePoint? How should I use it?

You need to use SharePoint if:

  • You often save a copy of your vital documents to the network share and also to your local hard drive, and then can’t find either.
  • You are frequently emailing documents back and forth and losing track of the most recent versions.
  • You regularly print hard copies of documents to share with your peers.
  • You search the network, USB drives and your local computer for a file and either can’t find it or find 10 copies of the same document.

SharePoint, whether it’s online or on-premises, can make digital documentation much easier to work with.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I know what SharePoint is?
  • Do I use SharePoint, but wonder if there’s a better way?
  • Do I use SharePoint but stumble over simple tasks?
  • Do I love SharePoint but don’t fully understand how powerful it can be?

If you ever ask yourself any of these questions, we may be able to help!

Are You a Consumer or a Contributor to SharePoint?

  • Do you upload documents to a SharePoint site, but don’t understand how to download or use it once there? You are a contributor.
  • Do you navigate to a SharePoint site, only to read what is found there? You are a consumer.
  • Do you upload, download and offer help to others when they use SharePoint? You are a Power user and a contributor.

What is a Contributor and how can we help?

As a contributor to a SharePoint site, you will be asked to upload any type of document so that others can ‘consume it’ (a fancy way of saying ‘use it’) from the SharePoint document library. Others can easily find the document and track any changes made to it while being assured that it won’t get lost. SharePoint allows users to create documents easily from a library, upload them easily to a library, and identify any changes made to the document, along with who made those changes. 

As a consumer and a contributor, you can always “Send to Outlook” your libraries, lists, and calendars and work from that common application. SharePoint doesn’t care! It will sync back from Outlook to the SharePoint environment when you need it.

If you haven’t used SharePoint in the past, or are using it every day, there are several tips and tricks that you can learn to enhance your experience and ensure that it provides exactly what you and your organization require. 

So why take the training? 

  • If you want to be the best that you can be and get the most from SharePoint – even seasoned veterans of SharePoint can gain benefits from training. 
  • As SharePoint evolves through changes to the interface, using it has also become easier…learn how!

Our training courses can help you gain or advance your skills, including:

SharePoint 2010 Foundation Level 1 (Basic)

SharePoint 2010 Foundation Level 2 (Advanced)

SharePoint 2013 Site User

SharePoint 2016 Site User

Are You a Controller or Power User of SharePoint?

What is a Controller or Power User? A controller is a person that is responsible for the day-to-day operations of user activity within SharePoint. The controller and power user ensure that staff can get to their documents, lists and calendars quickly and easily, and feel comfortable in the environment. This is the person that makes SharePoint look appealing and who designs it to become the tool of choice for managing documents and collaboration. 

The controller, or site owner, will create lists and libraries that suit everyone. It’s the controller that has the vision to customize the SharePoint environment, adding columns and features, to make it easy for users to navigate and find what they need.

A SharePoint site owner will create ‘routines’ to avoid clutter and maintain documents according to the desired retention policies. A SharePoint site owner or Power User understands what all users want and expect from their SharePoint sites.

Our SharePoint training will enhance the skill sets of site owners and power users, allowing you to show your expertise in SharePoint. With our training, you can achieve that “WOW” factor and make your skills shine along with the SharePoint sites you work on.

The training courses that can help you shine in your environment include:

SharePoint 2010 Designer Level 1 (Basic)

SharePoint 2010 Designer Level 2 (Advanced)

SharePoint 2013 Designer

SharePoint 2016 Site Owner

Are You A SharePoint Administrator?

Sharepoint Administrator Icon

The SharePoint Visionary

  • Making the product work well for your organization

The SharePoint Auditor

  • Verifying and controlling processes so that data-in produces good data-out

The SharePoint Accountant

  • Monitoring, maintaining and developing efficiencies for the users and the organization

As an executive and overseer of SharePoint, yours is the vision and the infrastructure plan that makes SharePoint WORK for the organization. Through your training and expertise, you ensure that there is control and convenience, from the database server through to the web browser that the user sees. 

The site administrator will add workable controls for file size, file type, and recovery options. The value of the data and the ease of accessing that data will be a primary concern. The administrator of the SharePoint environment can and will introduce services to improve the user experience. Your plan will see users accessing sites and using services while enjoying both the performance and the convenience of your design. 

The SharePoint administrator will make sure that getting data into SharePoint, managing it while it is there and then archiving it, is as easy as a few clicks of a button. You will also brand the site with styles that say this is “our” SharePoint. As the administrator, it is critical that you keep on top of changes to the features and services that can benefit your organization. SharePoint is a technology that you recognize can grow and expand with your organization and you can learn to lead the charge.  

Even if you have worked with SharePoint since it was first introduced, there are numerous newly introduced and newly improved features that you should learn about, such as the Audiences, Business Data Connectivity, and the Management Metadata service. Training can only improve what you offer your staff!

The training courses that can get you there include:

SharePoint 2010 Designer Level 1 (Basic)

SharePoint 2010 Designer Level 2 (Advanced)

SharePoint 2013 Site Owner

SharePoint 2013 Site Administrator

SharePoint 2016 Advanced Site Owner with Workflow Administration

With a little guidance, we’ll get you working a lot more efficiently and effectively in SharePoint, no matter what user you are. You and your team will gain the confidence needed to continue managing your documents with ease using SharePoint.

Learn more about JN Software Consulting's SharePoint training.

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