Microsoft Word Features Every User Should Know

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool with many time- and stress-saving features built in. However, most users never have the opportunity to properly explore Word’s valuable features. Often this is because we must rush to meet stringent deadlines, so we just jump in and use whatever methods we know to get the job done. In other cases, it is because we’ve never been given training and so we just do not know these other approaches exist. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Some of the most common pitfalls involve not using the features that Microsoft Word provides, including:

  • Formatting symbols
  • Ruler and tab controls
  • Styles

Formatting Symbols

Word tries to help us by providing paragraph marks and other useful formatting symbols. These are often ignored or even hidden, so that the average user does not benefit from them at all. However, these formatting symbols are extremely helpful for laying out your documents properly and efficiently.

Ruler and Tab Controls

Many users press the tab key multiple times to indent paragraphs and lists. Not only is this a waste of time, it also causes numerous problems when those lists need to be changed in any way. Instead, there is a very useful ruler and various tab controls to make that extra work unnecessary.


Many people use similar character formatting choices repeatedly, applying them multiple times in different places throughout their documents. Here too, Word provides a much easier alternative method with Styles and Themes.

These are just a few of Word’s many useful features. These helpful techniques are often hidden to the average user, making them unable to reap the benefits of easier and more efficient Word use.

We want to remedy that.

We at JN Software and CompuEase are keenly interested in making your work life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. To accomplish that goal, we have arranged a free webinar to help you discover some of the main mistakes that users make when they try to get by with only their self-taught techniques. This webinar also offers very practical tips so that you can make Microsoft Word work better for you.

Facilitating this webinar is CompuEase’s own Jesse O’Neil, a very effective and well-respected facilitator, who will outline some of the key word processing tools that you can use to make Word work for you. He starts with some basic features that are being under-used, and then explores how to use tabs and alignment, how to properly use styles, how to correctly use tables and a table of contents, and more helpful tips. This is a very practical webinar that will help you use Microsoft Word to your full potential.

We hope that you take advantage of this great resource. Consider it our gift to you. Many are struggling and using Word to only a fraction of its potential. We do not want that to be true of you!

When we say, “Train with Us – Train with Ease”, we mean it! All our software training choices are built with YOU in mind. As you will see in this webinar, Microsoft Office offers many powerful features that you can use to work simpler, faster, and happier. Our training courses can help you discover and use the tools that will make your work easier in any of the Microsoft Office products.

In the meantime, you can learn about five overlooked gems in Microsoft Word. One or two of them might be just what you are looking for to accomplish one of your daily tasks. Click here to view the video on YouTube. Why not subscribe to our channel while you are there?

Want to find out more about our training? Contact us today to find out more about how you can tailor these courses to your needs. If you’re in Ottawa or Quebec, call CompuEase at 613-235-6161 or email us. If you’re anywhere else in Canada, call JN Software at 416-264-6247 or email us.
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