Release the Power of Microsoft Office

If you work in the type of office where you can’t install your own favourite productivity software due to strict IT policies, then it’s likely that Microsoft Office is already installed on your system. Microsoft Office is packed with features that can help you stay on top of things and get the job done. Here is a useful tip:

Quickly Find The Character Number To Insert A Special Symbol

You can insert special characters in Excel spreadsheets, such as the £ or the ¢ symbols, by using a combination of the ALT key and some 4-digit numerical values. Often we don’t remember what those numerical values are.

Here’s how you can see all the characters for your font set:

In cell A1 type:  =CHAR(ROW())

Autofill that down to row 255

This will generate a handy list of the 255 numeric values built into the particular font set you’re using.

You’ll want to use the ALT key and a 4-digit number to generate these symbols so just add the necessary leading zeroes to insert your symbols

For example to insert the UK Pound sign, press ALT + 0163

Or of course you could just Copy & Paste from this generated list if you prefer:

Characters Jan 2017

The ROW function returns the row number of the cell in which it resides

The CHAR function returns the corresponding character for that row number

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