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Did you know we can combine training and consulting services for you?

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Training has many benefits for your staff as they gain new skills and grow to appreciate how much you, as their employer, care about their personal development and job satisfaction. However, at JN Software we recognize that training isn’t always the only solution for your needs.

If your team lacks the time and/or the skill set to complete a task, we can help to complement your talents and resources.

Whether your project is large or small, JN Software has the experienced and skilled consultants needed to complete the job on budget, on time and in style. The skill and experience of our consultants mean your project will be completed quickly, seamlessly and economically. We can guide you smoothly through the whole process, from planning and design to development and deployment.

We can provide consulting services in addition to any of the training courses we offer so that you can complete your projects no matter how great or slight your resources may be. We can help by working on your project with you, sharing some of the work while mixing in some training for your staff as well.

We have provided excellent consultation based on the courses we teach, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe products, and on our clients’ custom software.

We want to help. We can help.
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