Accessibility Checker for Word

Before using the checker, you need to save your document from within Word 2010 in .docx format

When you save your document, the option to “Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word” may be shown. If shown, make sure that it remains unchecked.

Compatibility Checker - Nov 2016

If you do not follow the steps above, the following error will show when you try to run the checker:

Compatibility Checker2 - Nov 2016

Now you can run the Accessibility Checker

On the File Tab, click Info, then select Check for Issues menu, then select Check Accessibility from the drop-down list

Compatibility Checker3 - Nov 2016

The Accessibility Checker Pane Opens.

Compatibility Checker4 - Nov 2016

Clipboard only shows 1 item? Run the Office Repair program from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.


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