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Our History

After seeing her colleagues return disappointed from generic public training classes wondering why they couldn't apply what they learned to their job

Joy Neuhold knew she could build a company that would provide a superior solution
So in 2002 she started The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company with a simple mission
  • Offer quality training and consulting services
  • With options to customize their services to match their needs
  • Providing support that lets them do their job better and faster
Since then Great Canadian Training team has grown to include knowledgeable support staff with experienced trainers and consultants from across Canada providing services to clients large and small.

Yet each class and project is still overseen by Joy’s watchful eye to ensure only the best results

“I believe that making your learning experience easy and effective starts the moment you contact us. I make it my personal business to ensure each trainee receives the training experience they need. From recommending which course to take to customization options if appropriate all the way through a successful session and our after-training support, I do everything in my power to help each participant apply what they are learning to benefit themselves.

When you choose to have us support you with our consulting services we make sure we clearly understand what you are looking to do or the problems you are looking to solve. We offer solutions that work within your timeline, your budget and can grow with you over time.”

Joy Neuhold
President of The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company

Our Team

Our President

Certified Adult Educator Joy Neuhold takes a personal interest in each client and ensures your requirements are being met. Her 15 years of experience, which include training, consulting and managing The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company and CompuEase, mean she's fully equipped to help you.

Having been a student and a trainer herself Joy understands the limited time students have to learn and how important it is to make the most of their training time to apply what they are learning to their jobs and files they work on. Joy’s consulting experience makes her understand how important it is to work closely with clients to make minor tweaks as needed as they work on projects and how important working within timelines is to complete projects.

Our Training Managers

When you call or email The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company you can be confident that one of our training managers is available to help you. They will help you determine the right training and consulting services you need. They can help make recommendations and put you in contact with the right person!

Our Trainers

Great Canadian Training focuses on using trainers that have real life experience with the software they teach. Consider the advantages:
  • If you're preparing advertising material for print, get trained by an Adobe trainer who spent years working in the print industry
  • If you need to prepare better looking Word documents or eye-catching PowerPoint presentations for your manager, learn from a virtual assistant who prepares professional documents for dozens of companies
  • If you need to learn a programming language, wouldn't you learn more from someone who's spent a career building programs like the one you need to build?

Our Consultants

Some of our consultants include our trainers. They have used their skills in the real world making them excellent consultants and providing high quality results for each project. They know how to think outside the box to get creative solutions. They have lots of fresh ideas because of their training, consulting and working with different clients with different needs all the time. Many of them have specialized experience in different fields of expertise and are ready to help!

Our Developers

Our Web, SQL, Access and Excel VBA developers have spent years refining their skills. They are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their work and helping you with your project.